Cleaning chemicals formulated for the Winery and Brewing Industries

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Promax staff have worked with the wine industry for many years. Through this experience we have built our expertise on the everyday challenges met by Wineries & Brewers, understanding the product and soils involved

Our experts have developed specific cleaning and sanitizing programs for the wine & Brewing industry that covers the tanks, lines, filters and associated equipment.

Whether you need to remove a wine tartrate scale or beerstone, Promax has a range of cleaners' and sanitizers to suit your individual needs, this is backed up with dosing systems that have a strong focus on safety, hygiene performance and economy in mind.

Some of our leading products are:

  • Procip LC042— Caustic CIP cleaner
  • Protank PB048— Non caustic low foam alkaline cleaner for wine tanks, lines etc
  • Protank K PB128— non caustic or sodium low foam alkaline cleaner for wine tanks, lines etc
  • Permax 5— 5% peracetic acid
  • Proxysan C— Citric/ peroxide peracid sanitizer

Available in convenient 5 lire, 25 litre, 205 litre and 1000 litre containers.

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