Metal Working Fluids

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Promax Technologies is a leading supplier of high-quality oil based and fully synthetic metal working solutions.

Promax Technologies manufacture a range of Metal Working Solutions, for machining, stamping, grinding, milling, drilling, turning, broaching, reaming, boring, tapping & threading, hobbing, roll forming and honing, to supplement this Promax also supplies.

Promax products are formulated for performance whilst keeping economy in mind to keep our customers at the head of the pack.

Some of our leading Metal Working products are:

  • Procool 100 LN007— Synthetic coolant
  • Procut 101 LO027— Soluble oil
  • Prolube LS130— Stamping fluid for light duty work

Available in convenient 5 lire, 25 litre, 205 litre and 1000 litre containers.

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